About Us

Barbara Peace Foundation
Barbara Foundation is a non-government, non-partisan and non-profit autonomous institution registered on Baisakh 14, 2067 (April 27, 2010) with the Kathmandu District Administration Office under the Social Organizations Registration Act 2034 BS (1977). It was founded at the initiative of journalist, environmental and social activist the late Barbara Adams, a naturalized Nepali citizen, and a group of like-minded friends who shared her vision of transforming lives of communities in Nepal’s remote and disadvantaged villages by empowering and educating the villagers and introducing them to income generating activities.

The founding members envisioned the following core objectives:

  1. Transform rural communities by managing local, skill-based products and integrating them into long-term plans
  2. Unite the marginalized groups and communities like Dalits and indigenous groups and improve their life conditions through skill development initiatives, education and income-generating activities. Engage the concerned bodies for their upliftment and skill development.
  3. Create employment opportunities at home for the youth by increasing their skills and capacity
  4. Promote good governance, and democratic norms and values

The Foundation’s programs and projects have reflected these core objectives, a notable example being the construction of effective building shelters for 100 Dalits and marginalized families in the far west district of Baitadi and empowering them to engage in sustainable vegetable farming. The annual Barbara Adams Investigative Journalism Award, instituted in 2013 to promote good governance through investigative journalism, is example of another effective project.

After Barbara passed away in 2016, the Foundation was restructured with a group of dedicated and noted Nepalis who have made strong marks in their respective professional fields, and possess strong intent to bring reforms in Nepali society. The new Foundation aims to prioritize some sincere trendsetting programs to support: 1) post-earthquake social management in the affected communities 2) empowering sustainability programs 3) health projects 4) environmental movements 5) Barbara Adams Investigative Journalism Award. The Foundation was relaunched in August 2017.