Barbara Adams Talk Series on floods, landslides and their impacts aired on Kantipur TV

The eighth episode of the Barbara Adams Talk Series was aired on Kantipur Television on August 26, 2021 on the issues of natural disasters including floods and landslides in Nepal and their causes, impacts and remedies.

The talk series was titled “Flood and landslide disasters in Nepal: Causes, Impacts and Remedies”, and was organized to deliberate on and provide key information, issues and insights on the increasing instances of   floods and landslides and their devastating impacts on Nepali lives and properties. The program was conceptualized and led by Barbara Foundation’s Board member Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel.

The esteemed panel guests of this talk series were researcher and columnist with extensive work on flood, landslides and climate change impacts in Nepal, Mr. Ajay Dixit; Professor and Expert, Department of Geology at Tribhuvan University, Prof. Dr. D P Adhikari; Disaster Preparedness and Response Specialist, Ms. Krishna Karkee; and, CEO of Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) Mr. Anil Pokharel.

The program that was divided into three different rounds was moderated by Prof. Dr. Govinda Raj Pokharel who gave short introductions of the participants, estimates and statistics on flood and landslides in Nepal, and their socio-economic effects and probable causes.

In the first round, Mr. Ajay Dixit discussed the causes behind constant and increasing rate of floods and landslides in Nepal. Dr. DP Adhikari focused on whether our fragile geographical structure should be blamed for extensive events of landslide in Nepal. He also discussed the reasons behind extensive events of landslides. Ms. Krishna Karkee highlighted on the impact of landslides and floods in Nepal on the society, especially the poor, women and children. Similarly, Mr. Anil Pokharel talked about the lessons Nepal has learned from the experience of increasing floods and landslides in the past and the improvements that the country has made so far.

The entire talk show can be viewed in YouTube via this link