Barbara Adams Talk Series on floods, landslides and their impacts aired on Kantipur TV

The eighth episode of the Barbara Adams Talk Series was aired on Kantipur Television on August 26, 2021 on the issues of natural disasters including floods and landslides in Nepal and their causes, impacts and remedies. The talk series was titled “Flood and landslide disasters in Nepal: Causes, Impacts and Remedies”, and was organized to […]

Barbara Foundation COVID-19 Distinguished Award

Barbara Foundation on July 31, 2021 felicitated 87 health workers and institutions from all across the country with Barbara Foundation COVID-19 Distinguished Award. The awards were given in six categories awardees included 7 institutions, 20 doctors, 27 nurses, 19 in the management/public health policy category, 9 medical support and 5 healthcare support staff.  The awardees […]