Barbara Foundation supports differently-abled parents for their son’s education


On Jestha 30, 2075, Barbara Foundation provided scholarship to support a class five student, 10-year-old Rupesh Timalsina, whose parents are differently abled. The Foundation’s Director Mr. Sharad Adhikary handed over the scholarship amount to Rupesh’s father Mr. Khila Prasad Timalsina and Mr. Ramesh Shrestha, principal of Madan Valley Academy in the presence of Ms. Radhika Dhakal, a local social worker.

The scholarship of Rs 42,250 (Forty-two thousand two hundred and fifty rupees) covers the entire cost of the academic year (235 school days), including monthly fees, yearly fees, examination fee, computer fee, identity card fees, school dress, school bag, lunch for), dairy and books and exercise books.

In one of his journeys to Kathmandu for his eye check-up, Timalsina, a resident of ward no. 8 of Mandan Deupur Municipality in Kavrepalanchowk district, requested the Foundation to support his son’s education. Following the request, Barbara Foundation sought the required documents from his family and Rupesh’s school, and after reviewing them, decided to award the scholarship to Rupesh. Accordingly, on 15, Baisakh 2075, Barbara Foundation received a formal application signed by Mr. Khil Prasad Timalsina.

Blind since his birth, Mr. Khil Prasad Timalsina has remained unemployed and economically inactive all his life. His wife Ms. Chandika Timalsina had taken on the entire onus of earning for the family by working on the family’s small farm, but her meager earning left the family struggling to meet their ends met, let alone support their son’s education.  To add to the family’s woes, Ms. Chandrika also suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed.

“I hope my son to be educated well so he will get the opportunities live an independent, dignified and a better life than I and my wife had,” Mr. Khila Timalsina said after receiving the scholarship amount.