Discussion on Padmasambhava spiritual route with Minister Bhattarai

Board members of the Barbara Foundation and Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Hon. Yogesh Bhattarai on July 30, 2020 held a discussion on taking ahead the project to develop a cultural/religious route along the path followed by Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava in Nepal in the 8th century. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation in Singha Durbar. Officials from the relevant departments under the Ministry, CEO of Nepal Tourism Board, Monastery Development Committee, Department of Archaeology were also present in the meeting.

The meeting was a follow-up to the Barbara Adams Talk Series on “Diversifying Nepal’s Tourism: The Unique Spiritual Route of Padmasambhava from Nepal Mandal to Walung Valley”. Addressing the meeting, Hon. Minister Bhattarai informed that the Ministry has officially owned the project to study and develop the route, and has accordingly included it in the Ministry’s plan for the fiscal year 2077/2078.

Chairperson of the Barbara Foundation highlighted the importance of Padmasambhava in Himalayan Buddhism and the longstanding value of developing and promoting the spiritual route. Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Dhungel shed light on the route and stated that it is a religious/cultural route possessing immense pride for Nepal, linking Buddhists around the globe to Nepal, and in promoting religious tolerance and co-existence among Buddhists and Hindus.

Buddhist figures present in the meeting welcomed the collaborative initiative of the Barbara Foundation and the Ministry and said they have their complete support in ensuring that the project materializes.

In the meeting, Chairperson Dr. Ruit presented to Hon. Minister Barbara Foundation’s research proposal to study the route followed by Padmasambhava.