Dr. Sanduk Ruit speaks about his life and Tilganga in Nepal Literature Festival

Noted ophthalmologist Dr.┬áSanduk Ruit, Medical Director of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, and Chairperson of the Barbara Foundation, spoke with journalist Rabi Lamichhane at a session of Nepal Literature Festival 2019 on December 14, 2019 in Pokhara. Dr. Ruit talked on various subjects ranging from his struggles growing up and receiving the opportunity of education to creating a sustainable model of quality, affordable, world-class small-incision cataract surgery methods. He spoke about leadership, management and quality being the three major components that have led Tilganga to offer cheap services for cataract surgeries, and said commitment and honesty are two main qualities of Tilganga’s success. He also stressed that being able to protect Tilganga from politicization as being one of its notable achievements.

Photo Courtesy: Snapshot taken from the Youtube channel of NewsFilmy.