Barbara Adams Talk Series II

On February 22, 2018, the Barbara Foundation organized the second episode of the “Barbara Adams Talk Series”. The discussion titled “Energy for All in Nepal by 2025: What Will It Take” focused on Nepal’s energy potential, and the range of energy options available, dissecting issues that pose challenges to harness and make energy accessible to all Nepalis.

Mr. Kul Man Ghising, Managing Director, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), was the Keynote Speaker, and made a presentation on “Electricity for all in Nepal by 2025”. He said the NEA must take immediate measures to improve distribution in the Valley.

Dr. Gobinda Raj Pokharel, former vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission opined that the NEA should diversify the mix of energy. He said the cost of solar energy has been decreasing significantly, and so the NEA must consider including it in its energy mix.

Dr. Arbind Kumar Mishra, Member, National Planning Commission, stressed on the need of expanding transmission lines to reach every local units.

Dr. Kusum Shakya, Head of Department, Central Department of Economics, TU, said it is important for energy policies to ensure provision of clean energy sources to females who are central to domestic use of energy.

The first episode of the Barbara Adams Talk Series was titled “Rapid Economic Transformation in Nepal: What will take and where do we stand?”, and was organized on October 16, 2017.